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Thursday, September 28, 2006

Thank You, puchitomato...

I was at browsing through their forum and came across these cute "tropical monkeys". They made my fingers ITCH to make one. So I did. I hope Puchitomato won't mind, but I promise I'm not selling it or giving out the pattern. My little gal isn't exactly like hers anyway, I think hers is better - with the two pieced face. You can see more pics of this one at my flickr. (^_^)v Just had to share... (ps - i had a lot of problems getting this to post... and I think the hotlinks above might not work correctly. sorry.)

That is so adorable!! I love the photo, great job!!
I just love your tropical monkey!! I have searched and can't find the pattern - do you still have the link where I can buy it? I'm new to amagurumi and would love to make this one. Thanks so much
He's adorable!
I love your tropical monkey. I spotted the ones by p'tomato and fell in love with them. I must try to have a go - am new to crochet and amigurumi so may take a few practices. PS - the blue robot (beep beep) is sooo cute!
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