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Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Robot Blues

Hello! I hope everyone is well. The weather has gone a bit chilly here in NorCal, so I decided bust out the yarn. This is one of my newest creations! His name is Bo-bot. When I gave him to my son, I "pressed" the buttons and made 'bee-boop' and 'bleep-bleep' sounds. Now he pushes the buttons and makes the sounds! It's so cute! I'm so stoked on my robots (I made a red one for my friend, it came out much better than this one!) They are my own design, I even wrote down my pattern as I went along!! That's big for me!! I'm a little stoked on my crafting skills right now!
I'm so glad to see thatI wasn't the only on who took a summer hiatus! Keep up the great work y'all! It's keeps me inspired!! May your day be filled with good thoughts, luscious merriment, and as muchobsessive yarning as possible! Namaste!


can you share your pattern? i love it so will my son thanks
Please would you share you're wonderful pattern, oh talented amigurumi extraordinaire?
Hey y'all!! You have stroked my ego in the nicest of ways! Thank you so much for the interest! The pattern (or I sometimes call them recipes) can be found on my blog:
Again, thank you so much for your interest in my pattern. It really makes me feel great!
i love robots, and this one is to die for!
I LOVE ROBOTS!!! I do drawings of them all the time. This is precious!
I saw this pattern somewhere else and THAt person ALSO said it was their own original work..?
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